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Tech stocks are falling but it’s all good, Apple music’s growth doubled, the next BIG THING is already here & Verizon gives out a $23 Milion dollar severance package. Plus some other Industry insights¬†you should know! Tech stocks are failing fast … and it’s a good sign? The FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix & Google) stocks […]


Instagram, as we all know, is now more than just square images and videos. The dimensions for Instagram stories, portraits and wide formats are pretty much the same scale as all the top social media¬†sites. Except the all have unique dimensions and sizes for creating the perfect graphics to fit on the platform. Below we […]

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As with any social media platform, the best time to post on Instagram is during higher activity time frames. Posting when activity is high can directly affect how many views, likes, and comments your picture or video receives. (Engagement) If you’re a local business with local followers, this will make or break your marketing efforts. […]