Instagram, as we all know, is now more than just square images and videos. The dimensions for Instagram stories, portraits and wide formats are pretty much the same scale as all the top social media sites. Except the all have unique dimensions and sizes for creating the perfect graphics to fit on the platform.

Below we will highlight the exact dimensions and even provide some Instagram templates for download thanks to our friend and fellow blogger Dustin Stout.

Here is a list of the instagram sizes you might need to know when creating your content: 

Square = 1080 x 1080 px (1:1) JPG,PNG,Mp4

Landscape (Horizontal) = 1080 x 566 px (1.91:1) JPG,PNG,Mp4

Portrait (Vertical) = 1080 x 1350 px (1:1.25) JPG,PNG,Mp4

Instagram Story Dimensions = 1920 x 1080 px (1:1) JPG,PNG,Mp4

Instagram image dimensions


But more than just great content a lot of marketers and designers may need to create mockups for approval so we have also gathered some Instagram UX/UI mock ups for you as well.

Image result for instagram psd 2017

Download Here



Know How

As with any social media platform, the best time to post on Instagram is during higher activity time frames. Posting when activity is high can directly affect how many views, likes, and comments your picture or video receives. (Engagement)

If you’re a local business with local followers, this will make or break your marketing efforts.

The best time to post on Instagram Nuts & Bolts

Lets face it, you and I know the best time to post on Instagram is around the same time everyone else will be posting to the platform. But thankfully since Instagrams feed as gone algorithm this opens an opportunity to stand out.

First of all, you need to make sure you have the best content to post. If your content sucks … sorry no matter when you post it you will lose the Instagram engagement race.

Having great content is as important as knowing when the best time to post on Instagram is.

The better it is, the more attention it’s going to get. It should be a picture or video of something you know your target audience is going to be interested in and it should be the best it can possibly be. We go over this in Detail in our Instagram Growth hacking course and more tips on how to hack engagement on Instagram.

Best time to post on Instagram

You want to get their attention with your post and keep it. So make sure your picture or video is something they want to see.

There are a ton of factors that go into if a user will engage with your post base on what you post. It’s not just about comments and likes, instagram measure views impressions and reach as well.

These metrics all go into determining if a user wants to see your next piece of content.

Instagram & Facebook also can identify the content of your post even without the captions!!

Facebook has A.I. platforms (A.K.A Segmentation Frameworks) it uses to help the blind identify what’s in an image on FB. This A.I. technology is also used to help Facebook & Instagram identify what’s in an image I.E. the content.

When you viewed that cat image and liked a few Kardashian photos and now all of a sudden your IG explore feed is filled with Cats & Kardashins.

Katdashin Effect! we call this.

Best time to post on Instagram
Cats & Kardashins

The explore feed populates based on a combination of things like, Pages you follow, Images you have liked and silent factors like Images you have viewed.
To get on the IG explore page we have outlined a few simple rules for posting.

To begin with, it’s good to follow a few general rules about posting.

Don’t post during work hours, but instead before and after those hours.

The point is to get users during their down time with the ultimate goal being  … Instagram Engagement.

Although, lunch hours, usually 11 am-1 pm, can be good for engagement, because users like to get a glance of their news feeds.

Since weekends can be hit or miss, it’s better to save important posts for a very active weekday, unless you know for sure that your target audience is more active on Saturday or Sunday.

 best times to post on Instagram
CoSchdule – best times to post on Instagram

If you are unsure of when your particular followers will be more active, post during Instagram peak times.

Week day evenings after 5, and more prominently between 7-9 pm, and mornings at the same time, 7-9 am. These seem to be the the best hours to post according to most surveys.

Generally, Mondays seem to have more active engagement, but there really isn’t a bad time to post.

But because every account has a different set of followers, possibly from different time zones, each business will have a different set of active hours to post on Instagram to get the most engagement.

Since Instagram changed the way you see things, using algorithms instead of chronological posting, it is even more important to post at peak times of activity.

These algorithms post what they believe you want to see by what is the most popular first, then the next popular, and so on. Some posts you see may be hours old, while you may not see a newer post at all.

More favorable pictures and videos are going to see more activity and so more people will see them because it’s getting more engagement. The more viewers to see it, the more activity it has, and so the loop goes on and on.

This is how the Instagram algorithm works.

Of course, it is still best to know what time and day your target audience is most active, so that these algorithms can work better for you. SO you should post the content that they will not only engage with but will help your account attract more followers.

Knowing the demographics of your target audience is important in learning when they are active on Instagram.

Another trait to consider when deciding the best time to post is whether your followers are from all over the world or from one particular area. If they are from a particular area, they will be in the same time zone, and will probably have about the same active times. If your followers are from all over the world, however, it will be harder to calculate when the most active time is.

You may need to verify several active times, once for each time zone you have followers in.

Also, if you’ve noticed any patterns to getting engagement when you post at different times, you should make note of them.

Lastly, Make sure you take advantage of Instagram analytics to get a basic Idea of when you followers are most active.

And if you want deeper intelligence I would suggest a platform like Iconosquare to help you dig deep into your accounts data and your competitors.

Iconosquare Instagram analytics discount code best time to post on Instagram

The cool features in Iconosquare help you Identify which Filters, hash tags and even tags help you get the most engagement. Additionally, the platform not only tells you when your users are online it tells you when you have received the most engagement based on when you post.

Giving you that sweet spot and best time to post on Instagram focused on when your users are most active with YOUR content vs. just online.

To help with quickly Identifying your followers on a surface level use Instagram insights in your mobile app.

It will show you where your followers live, reveal their gender and age, and most importantly, which times they are most active.

In addition to demographic data, Insights also shows you which days and times see the most activity from your followers.

Now that you know which times and days that will most likely be more active, you need to track how much interaction you receive after posting at these times. This will help you pinpoint the absolute best time and day to post to Instagram.

Start out varying your times of posting when your audience is active. Keep track of how many likes, comments, and shares each post receives.

Make sure to mark the date and time of when they were each posted.

The next week, you can change the times a bit to see if the results differ, but stay within the hours you know your followers to be active. After a few weeks, you should start to see a pattern emerge and will see which times work best for getting traffic on your posts.

Or you can just try Iconoquare for free and it will knock out this task for you.

Even though you’ve found which times get the best engagement on your posts, your job still isn’t quite finished. You can keep your post more active by responding to each like, share, and comment.

Thank followers for liking and sharing your post. Respond to a comment by answering a question, explaining or adding additional information, or just saying thank you for a compliment.

Sometimes this type of engagement can lead to acquiring new customers.

Stay on top of what’s going on in your Instagram post, don’t just set and forget.

Who knew posting to Instagram could be so involved? (Raises Hand)

The truth is Instagram is a great place for businesses to market their products and find new customers.

Unfortunately, you can’t just post any time and expect results.

But by learning to post when your followers are most active, you can boost your popularity, engage more traffic, and gain not only new followers, but also customers.

In closing, I hope you use this post to help you Identify the best time to post on Instagram for yourself and your brand. User activity is the starting point but remember engagement is key.

Know How

Did you know you can make money with Instagram?

Just like YouTube and blogging, users have the chance of making a lot of money with Instagram. The problem is not many people know how to make money on instagram.

Does Instagram pay you for followers? Well, it doesn’t.

While Instagram itself does not pay you for followers, there are several ways you can monetize your account and earn a legitimate income.

Want some help?

Here is how to make money on Instagram. 💸 💵

Getting Started
I understand you know how to create an account on Instagram but beyond that you lack knowledge on what is needed in order to make your account attractive for followers and advertisers. This calls for turning your personal account into a professional account.

How to turn your Instagram account into a business profile:

  1. Load up your Instagram profile and tap the  icon or 3 dots to top right
  2. Next, scroll under account settings & select .. “Switch to Business Profile”
  3. Hit Continue on all the options and slides that talk about insights and business settings.
  4. Select “Login with Facebook”
  5. Once Logged in you will have to select an FB page to work with your Instagram account or create a new one.
  6. Next, you will need to add your Business contact information. You can choose later how people can contact you.

Once your account is set up you’ll be able to access Instagram business insights and other new feature just for business profiles.

Instagram Business profile insights
Instagram Business profile insights

For additional help on setting up an Instagram business profile go here: 

Now, Here is how to get started making money on Instagram.

a. Juice up your profile with the correct information
Your profile says a lot about you. If you include incorrect information, you could miss out on organic followers. Therefore, start by including the correct contact information; add extensive information about your brand and your current location. You need to include a few relevant keywords and hashtags to make your profile easy to find. Finally, include a professional email.

b. Attract and engage with your followers
Instagram is a social media platform which means it provides tools and features to allow you to interact with followers. To retain and attract more followers, spend time and engage with the current followers. We go over this extensively in our Instagram Growth Hacking course.

For example, if your industry is beauty or fashion, then engage with followers in your industry. This will allow others to learn more about you finally joining your loyal fans.

How many Instagram followers do you need to make money?

The suggested minimum number is 5,000 to get started. but his does not mean you should or need to maintain that number. Its all about engagement & influence, some users can have 20K followers and only get Avg. 300 – 400 likes. Others can have 5000 and get 2 – 3K likes per post, this higher engagement is what brands and marketing partners look for. So make sure you work on increasing your engagement per post on instagram constantly.


c. Capture stunning photos
Today, no social media expert has an excuse to post grainy and poorly lit photos. Not only are smartphones fitted with the best camera lens but you can shop for a professional camera too. What you need to remember is that to earn money, you have to spend it. If you opt for a smartphone, shop for models with 16MP resolution or more for the front and back camera.

d. Implement relevant hashtags
Hashtags have become very important in social media. They help to highlight issues in brief phrases consisting of less than five words. It is important to come up with relevant keywords for your field of interest and posts. Find out the tope hashtags for posting in every catagory

e. Post content regularly
To keep your loyal followers engaged and interested in you, post regularly. Your posts should include images, videos and hashtags about your field of interest. If your field of interest is photography, post photos and relevant hashtags to keep your followers interested. Inactivity on your social media account will result in your loyal followers unfollowing you. That is not what you want especially if you are planning to make money with your Instagram account.

Now that you are equipped with the basic requirements.

Next, it’s time to get serious and learn the many ways of how to make money on Instagram. 💸 💵

1. Sell products from your online store
Let’s face it; getting a decent job today is very difficult. Furthermore, wages and salaries have stagnated which has made it harder even for millennials to meet the rising costs of items effectively. Thanks to the internet, users have thousand of opportunities which they can capitalize and earn a decent living. The best news is that all this can be done from the comfort of your home or parent’s home.

Today, companies like Shopify and Zazzle have developed platforms that allow users to sell products to a global audience. These products can range from art to home décor and clothing. The problem is there are many suppliers who are currently selling in your specific niche. Not only does this result in stiff competition but you may end up spending more. The good news is that the returns can be great too.

To get started, visit either Zazzle, Etsy or Shopify. Register and create an account which will allows you to operate an online store. This should be followed by creating an Instagram account. To create the best, follow the steps as described in the Get Started section. Remember to build your account around your niche. Start featuring your products on your Instagram account to raise interest about them. This will prompt your followers to purchase the products earning you money.

2. Monetize your social influence via sponsored posts
A few decades ago, brands marketed their products through traditional media channels – TV, radio, newspapers, magazine, posters and pamphlets. When social media gained traction, they attracted brands from around the world. Why? Social media platforms are known to have millions and even billions of active users in a single day or month. This is prime real estate for brands selling products and services. To capitalize on this, social media platforms have come up with sponsored ads.

How does this work?
Basically a company approaches you with the intention of promoting a product – music, movie, electronic gadget or clothing. They can request you to compose a song or just take a photo of yourself using or handling the product. This will in turn be posted to your Instagram account for your followers to see. Relevant hashtags should accompany the post to make it easy to find and easy to share.

So, how do you attract brands? One of the best ways is through Influenz. This is a third party app that connects you to different brands. These brands use the service to look for influencers on Instagram to promote their products and services. To earn a decent living, don’t promote just any brand. Not only should it be in your field of interest but the products and services should not be against the principles and standards of your followers.

Create an account on Influenz by selecting “I am an influencer” and provide correct details about yourself. Wait to be verified before engaging with the brands. One thing you need to note. To be successful, you need a minimum of 5,000 followers but you don’t have to maintain such rookie numbers. Invest in attracting more followers in order to work with top brands.

3. Sell photos at stock images
Today, websites all over the world accompany their posts with photos related to their content. For bloggers, finding the opportunity to capture relevant photos is quite time consuming. Furthermore, the perfect location may not be available. Thanks to stock photos, website owners have been able to accompany their posts with illustrations. As a photographer, this is the perfect opportunity not only to make a mark in the world of photography but to earn legitimate income.

Stock photos hosting platforms are not new. They have been around for many years. Notable platforms include Shutterstock, Pexels, Flickr, iStockPhoto, Getty Images and Stocksy United. Today, there are new platforms that allow one to integrate their Instagram account with a third party service finally reaching more followers than ever. The best platforms to sell your Instagram photos include:

a. Foap
b. Twenty20.

Foap is a community platform that allows users to sell their Instagram photos. To get started, download the official app from Google Play or Apple App Store. Follow the necessary steps to set up your account. Once you are done, upload your first photo and sell it on Foap Market. Each photo sold will net you 50% revenue. The good news is that you can sell the photo for unlimited number of times. To make more money, use the feature “Missions.” This allows you to connect with the world’s best brands enabling you to make more money and improve your reputation. If a brand selects you, your photos may earn more than $100.

Twenty20 is a crowd sourced stock photography marketplace that was founded by Matt Munson, Todd Emaus and Kevin Fremon in 2014. The platform allows you to create an account, buy or sell your photos. Since you are looking for a chance to make money, sign up for free on the platform. Upload your photos and start making money. Your photos will tell a brand’s story in the real world.

4. Affiliate marketing with shoutouts
What are shoutouts?
This refers to a screenshot of another user’s profile page which is uploaded to your Instagram account with the purpose of showing support as well as giving another user exposure. Shoutouts are designed to increase followers for another Instagram user as well as provide advertising to brands. To get started, you need to familiarize yourself with platforms that offer products for you to give a shoutout about. The best examples include:

a. OfferVault
b. ShareASale
c. Clickbank
d. Amazon Affiliate program (Our Personal Fav)
e. Ebates
f. Stylinity

You will have to open up an account with the above platforms in order to be an affiliate marketer. The good news is that the above platforms offer easy to sign up pages. Furthermore, they have dedicated support staff that is ready to help you set up everything. Once you done, visit your dashboard, choose your desired category and select a product(s) to promote.

To allow easier selection, the above platforms provide metric scores. This helps to indicate the performance of the product. For example, Clickbank uses the gravity score. The score allows you to learn how many affiliates have earned money with the product in the last 12 weeks.

If you have a huge following that numbers more than 1 million, then you can simply place your affiliate URL on your captions or bio. You can utilize to shorten the URL allowing users to click easily finally making money for you when they buy the product.

If you lack the numbers to properly promote a product, you can buy shoutouts. This allows you to connect with Instagram users who are great influencers. You can connect with these influencers on Shoutcart, BuySell Shoutouts and Plug Hype.

These platforms provide you with a page that lists the best influencers. Details available include Instagram handle, number of followers and charges. To select the best, browse the list, select an influencer who has more followers and fits with your budget. And that is how you get paid to follow people on Instagram.

Important Tip to Note

While Instagram is a great social media platform, you need a tool that will enable you to manage your community. The tool should enable you to see who followed you recently and those users who have unfollowed you. You can even learn about inactive users plus discover commonly followed accounts. This is important because you can identify profiles you follow that don’t follow you too.

Want to know the best tool for this job?

Iconosquare is the right choice. It provides you with an easy to use dashboard and metrics about your account. Thanks to the information provided, you can make better decisions to improve your following and make more money with your Instagram account.

Finally, By now your mind is teeming with information and you are probably anxious to begin immediately.

You have even started researching on how to make money on Instagram with Clickbank, how to make money on Instagram with Yahoo answers or how to make money on Instagram fitness among others. Just to recap the points highlighted earlier, to make money with Instagram, not only do you need an account but you need a good following – 5,000 and more. Or a powerful engagement rate of 20 or more per post.

Furthermore, you have to engage with your followers regularly, post content frequently and use high-quality illustrations.

Some of the best ways users can make money with Instagram include affiliate marketing through shoutouts, selling photos or graphics, working with sponsors for Instagram and selling products from your online store.

Did you know you can sell your Instagram account?

Well, while this may lock you out of making more money, you can still earn a decent amount especially if your account is very influential. Platforms that can assist you with this include Fame swap and Viral accounts among others.

To conclude, your success depends on how influential your personal and professional brand is. Always keep growing your followers to attract the best brands finally becoming one of the highest paid Instagram users.

And lastly, don’t forget to check out our course below to get you started growing your Instagram account.

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