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Tech stocks are falling but it’s all good, Apple music’s growth doubled, the next BIG THING is already here & Verizon gives out a $23 Milion dollar severance package. Plus some other Industry insights you should know!

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Tech stocks are failing fast … and it’s a good sign?

The FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix & Google) stocks are getting hit hard and falling fast, but what’s the cause?  Is it a bad sign? or are we just seeing the results of Investor moods swings? A recent note from Goldman Sachs may be to blame it highlighted how the market is dependent on these stocks. Also, the note mentioned a possible valuation bubble in the near future. But other than this note nothing else in the Industry can really be the cause of this drop. So I expect a full bounce back and this might be a good time to buy a few shares with your Robinhood App 🙂

  • Facebook is down ~4.5%, falling from to $155.55 to $148.44
  • Amazon is down ~4.75%, falling from $1013.00 to $964.91
  • Netflix is down ~8.67%, falling from $165.82 to 151.44
  • Google, or Alphabet, is down ~4%, falling from $984.15 to $942.90
  • Apple is down ~6.24%, falling from $154.82 to $145.42

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Pinterest still getting investors to dish out the cash.

Pinterest revealed this week that it just raised another $150 Million putting its value at $12 Billion. The visual search giant managed to raise additional capital from existing investor to further develop visual search technology like Lens and other tools.
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Apple music subscribers have almost doubled in a year! 

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Apple music now has 27 Million subscribers, this is an increase from 20 Million in December & from 13 million a year ago. With Spotify being still double the size of apple’s service it’s only a matter of time ( 1 – 2 years) before they catch up.
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Twitter is becoming a powerful political platform & video views up 200% 

Video views have grown over 220 times in the last year according to the platform. Also, in case you missed it although I doubt you did, during the Intelligence Committee hearing Thrusday there were about 3.6 Million tweets between 7 am and 1:30 pm.
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Amazon IS the next big thing?

Amazon has now moved into the #4 spot on the world’s most valuable brands list. Amazon’s growth into publishing, Physical stores, and other outlets make it a widely diverse company and continued expansion and diversification make it an unstoppable force. Via AdWeek

Instagram’s Archive feature goes live & all users can now drive traffic

To deter users from deleting photos or videos with a small number of likes the platform has introduced an archive feature that will hide photos from other users. It’s pretty much like snapchat’s Memories section. Also, for some users (not just verified) with a high follow counts (10K based on what I can see) they can use IG stories to drive traffic to their websites or other platforms with a swipe up.
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Verizon now OFFICIALLY owns Yahoo, Mayer resigns with $23 Million Severance Package.

Let’s pretend it’s 2002 and is the #1 site on the internet. It was a great time for the Independent net Giant but all good things must come to an end. Yahoo is officially owned by Verizon and CEO Melissa Mayer has resigned with a $23 million severance package after making around 200 Million with the company. The deal gets Verizon all of Yahoo’s core internet assets (including Tumblr) valued at around $4.48 billion dollars. The company will now be called “OATH: A Verizon Company”
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Facebook is spending some big bucks on TV ads. 

According to Kantar Media of the $117.9 million spent on marketing last year in the U.S. by Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn & Pinterest. FB spent around $81 million of that number compared to its competitors a crazy 200% increase over the last 3 years.

And Last year Zuck went a little TV crazy spending $47.5 Million on TV compared to Linkedin’s $2.2 Million, It largest spend on TV ever.
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Facebook has partnered with Deloitte to bring companies into the Digital Age.

Deloitte Digital & Facebook have announced that they will form an alliance to help companies “Evolve into digital Businesses”.  “The two companies said in an email to Social Pro Daily that the goal of their alliance is to “rewire legacy business and marketing models to create long-term business value,” and they will focus on these four “pillars”: People, Technology, Insights & Experience innovation.” More here:

What the top accelerators are funding.

Here are the startup trends that are capturing the imaginations, and wallets, of top accelerators.

AI Bots for businesses
AI Powered consumer digital assistants
Temporary Space (Apps for short-term office & home rentals)
Smart Transportation

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